What is The 2nd Emancipation?

We are in the digital age. Every form of entertainment that can be seen by eyes or heard by ears is available on the internet mostly for free in streaming services. The vast availability means large profit losses for music industry labels and book publishing firms. The losses trickle down to the artists and authors that produce the work. It was already a struggle for either to break even on their contracts prior to the emergence of streaming and downloading. Artists, authors, and entertainers have to adjust to the market to obtain profits on their own.
Small businesses have a chance to thrive more than ever in the digital age of the internet but the price for competing is often very steep with extremely low visibility to potential customers who are saturated with online shopping overload and the shadow of Amazon. How can these entrepreneurs who dare to make their dreams come true overcome such adversity? By supporting one another instead of the conglomerates.
The 2nd Emancipation is an ideal created by Tamika Trammel, a 5-Star rated independent Amazon author, Business Manager to hit recording artist Jai Loyal Da Great, and Autism Mom. The primary goal of The 2nd Emancipation is to provide reviews and advertising at affordable rates. The blog provides comprehensive reviews of books and music as they are presented without rejection, a common characteristic of award-winning industry experts. The reviews and ads include links provided by the owner for direct purchasing by customers. The blog is shared with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for optimization appearance on the internet. You don’t need the industry experts to realize your dream. You can make it come true.

Below are links to music and publishing industry losses. These industries are exploiting talented people to recoup money. Don’t be a victim! Invest in your dream and still afford to live in reality!



Review Rates:
All reviews include 30 days posting on the blog with links to website, streaming apps, or purchase apps provided by the Artist/Author or Manager/Representative. Linked to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The music and books for review must be provided by the artist/author at their own expense. Videos links must be provided by the entertainer at time of request. Exclusions: Adult videos. Explicit lyrics and erotica accepted.

Music– 1 song…$25, 3 songs…$50, 5 songs…$75, Album (up to 12 songs)…$100

eBooks or Paperback– up to 150 pages…$50, 151-250 pages…$75, 250 pages or more…$125

Videos– $2 per minute, rounds up to next minute at 31 seconds (ex. 1:31 = 2 mins.)

Advertising Rates:
All business and charities must provide product/services descriptions, website and direct links to what they want to sell or promote.

Business Advertising– 30 days…$75, 60 days…$150, 90 days…$200

CONTACT TAMIKA: mikameek15676@gmail.com Invoices processed by PayPal.


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