Invest in Your Dream, Afford to Live in Reality

As a published author for the past seven years and living on a fixed income with a handicapped child, I’ve had to make difficult decisions when it comes to financing my writing career.  My first two books were published by a company that is no longer in business causing me to lose thousands of dollars in marketing that did not evolve into sales.  I also hired a global firm to review one of my books and post on their website for two weeks for $1,650.  The review received over 100k clicks but not a single sale.  It’s because the firms hire search engine optimization (SEO) companies, people who are hired to create “bots” (fake profiles) to click on the ads but not generate sales.  Music industry experts know that millions of views on a single song within hours is fake and not lucrative.  Hiring these firms set the customer up to be taken advantage of by labels, publishers, and pyramid schemers because they see you are willing to pay to make your dream come true.  They will take your money (and your ideas) to keep themselves in business while leaving you broke, busted and disgusted.

The 2nd Emancipation provides a minimum of 30 days advertising on the blog at low cost and updates are accepted during the advertising time period for free.  Most firms charge for updates, including adding new products or services.  They also limit the amount of information accepted.  The 2nd Emancipation has no limit to the amount of content it will accept.  (Adult videos not excepted, Erotica genre novels accepted)  The more website and product links, photos and videos to best sell yourself is better for you, potential customers and the blog.  Content optimization and consistent blogging adds to the visibility on Google and transfers to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ where all content is shared.  Even if your business does not make a sale, you still have funds to reinvest elsewhere.

Decide which product will best serve your needs below.  Please include links to websites, direct products and reviews, free book and music apps, everything that you want customers to see upfront.  Make it easy for them to access.  The easier the access, the more likely a potential customer becomes a sale.  Welcome to The 2nd Emancipation!

Send all content to be advertised to my email address:  mikameek15676@gmail.com.

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