Don’t Forget the Foundation When Building Your Online Business: Blogging with Others

Many online business owners and independent entrepreneurs in various fields dive right into the latest fads and trends offered on social media.  It starts out very attractive and lucrative but often fades as time goes on.  People become bored and uninterested. Social media rarely circulates beyond a limited pool of friends or followers.

All markets are volatile suffering shaky profit and loss margins.  The loss of large corporations trickle down to small business owners and independent entrepreneurs.  Blogging with a network of other entrepreneurs is the mainstay to keep your presence online.  Think of it as the phone book of old.

The 2nd Emancipation is the best blog to lay the foundation of your business building on the internet.  It is consistent and contains content by networking with multiple businesses to create a stronger presence for all.  We do not guarantee sales but increase the visibility for your business on the web at a much lower rate offered by larger marketing firms.

Blogging with the 2nd Emancipation is the first step you should take before spending thousands at a marketing firm.  Getting started here strengthens the marketing techniques that your business currently or plans to use.  Click the “Home” tab for rates and plans.  Use “Contact” tab to send information and get started within minutes!  Mobile users:  click “Menu” first to see these tabs.

Market your business.  Stay in business.  Remain independent.

Welcome to The 2nd Emancipation.

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