Don’t Be a Grain of Sand, Build Your Castle with an Affordable Business Blog

The internet is vast with billions of websites and social media posts.  The best way for your business to stand out is taking advantage of advertising opportunities.  However, most marketing strategies put small businesses and entrepreneurs in a bind causing operations on a seriously crunched budget.

Advertisement blogging on The 2nd Emancipation is very affordable.  The average cost of plans equal $2.50 a day for 30 and 60 days, less than that for 90 days.  Daily blogging is a useful tool to increase the presence of your business on the internet to increase the chances of potential customers becoming actual sales.  But most business owners do not have the time or enough content to remain consistent.  Ad spaces and live feeds are dominated by large corporations and other types of viewing.  It is also a trend that will fade in some time.  Be prepared with the stability of daily blogging.  Trust me to do it everyday for you with other businesses to create a greater impact.  The network with other entrepreneurs in various industries pushes every business on the blog forward into the blogosphere.

Click the ‘Home’ tab for more information and payment options.  Complete the ‘Contact’ tab to send your business information to get started the same day!  All blog posts are shared on the following social media outlets:  Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Welcome to the 2nd Emancipation!

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