Who Remembers the Community Phone Book?

More than likely, half of the population has a recollection of the thick cumbersome pages while the other half only heard of them.  The community phone book that was delivered annually to doorsteps provided a convenient directory of government, business and residential listings at the user’s fingertips.  Modern day fingertips are touching devices now.  Devices that are linked digitally around the globe.  The presence of your business online is a mere dot compared to a full page ad of ye old community phone book.

Make a greater impact on the internet by joining a network of other entrepreneurs and entertainers on one blog:  The 2nd Emancipation.  This blog is an ideal supplement to other marketing techniques utilized for your business.  It is low cost and does not use fake bots and accounts to create misleading numbers of views.  Neither does it promise to make sales, causing entrepreneurs to spend ahead of budget.  When it comes to grabbing attention in the blogosphere, there is never too much.  There’s always a vacancy.  Click the ‘HOME’ tab to select a plan, then ‘CONTACT’ tab to e-mail your business information.

Welcome to The 2nd Emancipation.

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