The 2nd Emancipation Blog Is Getting Results: How Is Your Business Doing?

The 2nd Emancipation blog is not yet a month old and has already impacted the businesses posted in a positive manner.  My name is Tamika Trammel, the creator of the blog.  I have increased the sales of my eBooks on Amazon in the past three weeks to more than 100 sales, the most ever in my independent writing career.  I could’ve saved thousands of dollars in marketing years ago that produced no sales at all.

Hit independent recording artist Jai Loyal’s website has surpassed one thousand views in under 30 days.  The website is barely three months old and continues to get visits daily without having to pay a marketing firm.

Entrepreneur Angelique Trammel has received an increased amount of sales with Poshmark and Paparazzi, as well as followers on Twitter and Facebook.  Pamela Mullen, an independent consultant for Younique beauty products has received increased traffic on the sales website and followers through the blog.

Your business may be doing just fine, but we all can do better, and do it at less expense!  Consider advertising your business with The 2nd Emancipation blog to supplement your marketing plan.  Break free from the mindset that you have to spend a lot to get a lot, just to end up with a busted budget.  Click the ‘Home’ tab for details, then send your information under the ‘Contact’ tab to get started the same day.

There’s never too much advertising in the blogosphere.

Welcome to The 2nd Emancipation.

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