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Page Flippin’ Worthy 5-Star Rated eBooks!! Free to KindleUnlimited Subscribers!

“The Wallet” is a short story of a young woman who lost everything precious in her life.  She finds a wallet that changes the outlook.  Free to KindleUnlimited subscribers!  (eBook only, 1000 words, $2.99)

“R I C H” is a short novel of a 17 year-old teen burglar raising his 14 year-old non-verbal autistic brother.  While committing the last score before his 18th birthday, an abandoned elderly occupant of the mansion is discovered.  The encounter changes their futures.  Free to KindleUnlimited subscribers!  (eBook $4.99, paperback $10.99, 99 pages)

Please note, “18 Years of Grace and Mercy…” and “The Pusher, the Prostitute and a Preacher” listed in the link are NOT for sale by the author.  Support an autism family!

Click this link to get them now!

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