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Include These 5-Star Rated eBooks on Your ‘Hot Date with a Book’ List!

Be inspired with these great reads and support an autism family!

The Wallet“The Wallet” is an inspirational and fictional short story of a young woman who has lost everything precious in her life, but finds a worn out wallet that will change the outlook.  (eBook only, $2.99, 1000 words)  Free to KindleUnlimited subscribers!  Click here to get it!

R I C H“R I C H” is a short novel telling the fictional story of a 17 year-old raising his 14 year-old non-verbal autistic brother due to their mother’s drug addiction.  Employed as a juvenile burglar, his final hit upon a mansion is occupied by an abandoned elderly tycoon.  The encounter changes all of their futures.  (eBook $4.99, Paperback $10.99, 99 pages)  Free to KindleUnlimited subscribers!  Click here to buy it!