What is The 2nd Emancipation?

The 2nd Emancipation is an ideal created by Tamika Trammel, 5-Star rated Amazon author, Manager for hit recording artist Jai Loyal, and Autism Mom.  It is a blog designed to help independent business owners, authors and musicians to advertise at low cost.  Large corporations, including the music and publishing industries, are suffering losses in revenue due to the overwhelming amount of streaming by customers on the internet.  Most industries are recouping their losses by taking advantage of independent entrepreneurs with goals by making promises of sales and internet visibility; however, most do not provide what they promise.

As a mother of an autistic child on a fixed income, I’ve had to make tough decisions in regards to financing my writing career.  The publisher of my first two novels went out of business, causing me to lose thousands of dollars in marketing and not generating any sales.  I hired a global firm to review one of my novels.  The review included an ad space on their website for two weeks at the rate of $1,650 (Bottom tier price.  Top tier more than $10k).  My novel received over 100k clicks but not a single sale.  It is because these firms hire search engine optimization (SEO) companies that create bots and fake profiles to generate likes and clicks but not sales.  The same applies for most popular social media ad spaces which are dominated by corporations.  Most independent entrepreneurs do not have ample budget to cover advertising and marketing costs.  Music and publishing industry experts know that millions of likes and listens on a single piece of work is a result of purchase, making the recording artist/author susceptible to more fraud.  How so?  Because the label/publisher sees the recording artist/author is financially committed to furthering their career and will offer costly services that have little to no advantageous end result.  (ex. talent showcases, auditions, book signings, etc.)  They will take your money (and ideas) to keep themselves in business while leaving you talented, yet discouraged.

The 2nd Emancipation is a low cost blog that uses the power of networking; combining small businesses, authors and musicians to advertise in the blogosphere, the now place on the internet to make an impact.  Can you start a blog yourself?  Of course you can.  I am all for independence but do you have the time and content to blog day after day for your company to reach maximized viewing on Google and other social media sites, plus fully operate your business?  Probably not.  That is where The 2nd Emancipation comes in.  Together with other entrepreneurs, your business can make an impact in the blogosphere with Tamika Trammel as the focal point.  Even if you do not make any sales, there is still enough in the operating budget.

It is easy as copy/paste and sending an email!  Send all content to be advertised or reviewed to:  mikameek15676@gmail.com.  You can use the ‘Contact’ tab to send.  The more the better!  No charge for updates in the middle of paid campaigns (as most marketing firms charge or do not allow).  Make the content easy for potential customers to navigate so they can turn into a sale.

Remain independent!  Welcome to The 2nd Emancipation!

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ENTREPRENEURS “HALFSIES” SPECIAL:  Two independent distributors for the same company can split the cost of 30, 60, 90 day consecutive ads to feature both!  (It is up to you to decide who to pair up with and the responsibility of sending marketing material.  The 2nd Emancipation has no liability when making paired decisions for lost, damaged or dispute of advertised material.)  All blog posts are shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ daily for the duration of each paid campaign.