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Great Reads in Bad Weather; 5-Star Rated eBooks

“The Wallet” (eBook, 1000 words, 2017), an inspirational short story of a young woman who lost everything precious in her life, but finds a wallet that can change it for the better.  ($2.99, Free to KindleUnlimited Subscribers)

“R I C H” (eBook and paperback, 99 pgs., 2017), is the story of a 17 year-old who cares for his 14 year-old autistic brother by committing burglaries in a crime ring.  He breaks into the mansion of a retired textiles tycoon who is abandoned by his wealthy family.   The encounter causes transformations in all of their lives despite their current situations.  (ebook: $4.99 paperback: $10.99, Free to KindleUnlimited Subscribers)

Please note:  “18 Years of Grace and Mercy…” and “The Pusher, the Prostitute and a Preacher” are NOT for sale by the author and are no longer in production as listed on the link.

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5-Star eBooks to Read on a Lunch Break No Matter Your Shift

You don’t have to be bored for the next thirty minutes to an hour.   Download one of these 5-star rated eBooks to read quickly, or begin and look forward to picking up again.  Free to KindleUnlimited subscribers!  Support an autism family!

Click this link:

Please note:  “The Pusher, the Prostitute and a Preacher” is sold out.  “18 Years of Grace and Mercy…” ($15, 167 pgs. autographed) is sold by author.  Use the ‘Contact’ tab of this blog to submit an order request.  Neither title is for sale by the author on Amazon at the above link.